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itoto kyoto

About us



Crafted by artisans who are not constrained by cost. The beauty of crafts such as textiles and pottery, created through imagination and skill has a beauty that is timeless. The charm of these products can be weighed in your hands. They speak directly to your senses. “We would like to highlight these outstanding artisans.” “We would like to work with craftsmen who will lead the next generation.” With this simple idea, itoto, which has its own textile workshop, has initiated new values that will lead the future. We have just begun; We can't wait to see what kind of things can be created and what kind of encounters await us. We would like to spread itoto's values to more people from a unique perspective.


The Inheritance of Artisanship



Exceptional products have always been a part of people's daily lives, and artisans imbue these with their skills in order to support us day to day. Itoto is committed to proclaiming the aesthetics and spirituality of the artisans who create such products.


Our Traditional Weaving Techniques



Silk fabrics born in Itoto have a light and smooth texture created by twisting together multiple layers of fine threads that are almost invisible to the naked eye, and with these multiple-colored interwoven threads, creating a vividly beautiful impression that changes depending on the angle of light. As the item is used, it becomes more and more richly flavored and develops a texture unique to the user.


The Future of itoto



The aim is to gather and publicize traditional crafts from all fields, passing on established techniques to the next generation. We will continue to move forward with itoto's products by embracing change whilst supporting their age-old traditions.



  1. SILK QUILT COAT 着用イメージ
  2. SILK QUILT COAT 着用イメージ
  3. SILK QUILT COAT 着用イメージ

シルクのジャガード織り素材を贅沢に使用したキルティングコート。ジャガード織りをあえて微配色にし、同色系の糸色でキルティング加工を施すことで よりシルクの光沢感がより美しくみえます。

This quilted coat is made of a luxurious silk Jacquard weave material. The Jacquard weave has a subtle color scheme and is quilted with the same color thread, giving the silk a more beautiful luster.

  1. AWASE COAT 着用イメージ
  2. AWASE COAT 着用イメージ
  3. AWASE COAT 着用イメージ


This nylon coat expresses a unique wrinkle feeling like Japanese paper.The rounded silhouette incorporates the functional beauty of traditional Japanese garments, which can be worn overlapped in the front and tied with a cord.